“It has been our pleasure to work with Brooks Chadwick Capital on several land projects over the past year. They have consistently proved to be diligent, resourceful, and competent in all dealings. Not only are their skills and knowledge top-notch, their business ethics are of the highest standards. We will continue to utilize their knowledge and expertise for future land deals. In my opinion, their market knowledge and ability to get things done in this tough market is second to none.”

- Clif Poston, Executive Vice President, Traton Homes

“I have worked with Brooks Chadwick Capital on several projects and have found it to be one of the most enjoyable relationships we have had the pleasure of establishing here at Lennar. Brooks Chadwick Capital has assembled a team of experts that operate quickly and efficiently, allowing them to evaluate the viability of a project and then determine how to bring it to market. The company, along with the business partners they surround themselves with, operate in an ethical and professional environment that has allowed us to form a strong working partnership. Lennar is grateful for Brooks Chadwick Capital allowing us to work with them and we look forward to a long and successful future ahead.”

- Todd Jones, Division President, Lennar Homes

“We have worked with Brooks Chadwick Capital in locating sites, formulating bids, and determining development costs and have found they have excellent market knowledge matched with strong competence in residential development and construction matters. We have competed against them in some deals and worked with them on others - in all cases, we have found them to be people of integrity that we can trust.”

- Roy Jones, Managing Director, Walton Opportunity Fund

“This is to provide a strong recommendation for Todd Thrasher and Brooks Chadwick Capital. I have known Todd Thrasher for quite some time and have been involved in multiple deals. It is my pleasure to personally attest to his honesty and high moral character in all our dealings. I have seen firsthand his ability to consummate a transaction financially and his performance in seeking out opportunities because of market knowledge. We look forward to working with Brooks Chadwick Capital in the future.”

- Barry Major, Partner, Major and Arroll, LLC.

“I have worked on a number of land transactions representing Todd Thrasher and his partners at Brooks Chadwick Capital, as well as representing possible buyers of properties controlled by Brooks Chadwick Capital. They are very knowledgeable of area property values. They closely monitor trends in values/prices and home buyer preferences to try to make strategic acquisitions. Their responsiveness and attention to detail make them good people to represent on real estate sales, but more importantly to the builder/buyer of their properties, their professionalism makes their acquisitions run as smoothly as possible. I look forward to many more project with Brooks Chadwick Capital.”

- Dan Buyers, Partner, McWhirter Realty Partners

“I am pleased to confirm that Brooks Chadwick Capital has had a positive relationship with Bank of North Georgia over the course of this real estate downturn. They have been active participants in each structured loan sale that Bank of North Georgia has offered and this group has purchased a number of assets from the bank. They have done a great job in performing a lot of their due diligence before they make an offer and have always done what they said they were going to do during the contract period. They have also been flexible when needed and have closed within the 15 days of going under contract. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with this group.”

- Assistant Vice President, Special Assets, Bank of North Georgia

“It has been a pleasure conducting business with you and your team at Brooks Chadwick Capital. I appreciated your group’s performance during your recent asset purchase, and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.”

- Asset Manager, State Bank

“This is to confirm our positive experience in a sale of the partially developed subdivision in Cobb County. Once a price was agreed to, you moved swiftly to closing and had clearly done most of your due diligence ahead of time. Closing was on the appointed day with no glitches whatsoever. I certainly recommend you as a buyer to any real estate asset seller and hope to do business with you again.”

- Senior Vice President, Regions Bank

“The team at Brooks Chadwick Capital were excellent partners for the investments I made with them and I definitely recommend them to anyone who may need their services.”

- Kevin H., Investor

“This is to serve as a strong reference and recommendation for Brooks Chadwick Capital... We have worked with the fund for over a year, and all deals that they have looked at they have performed as promised in all facets. They closed on time and were very reasonable to deal with throughout the process. United Community Bank deals with over 100 funds primarily based in Georgia, and distressed groups throughout the country. Due to Brooks Chadwick Capital’s diligence, honesty, and performance I would rank Brooks Chadwick Capital among the top 5 that I have worked with. I would highly recommend Brooks Chadwick Capital to other lending institutions as well as capital partners.”

- Vice President, REO, United Community Bank

“This letter is in reference to our recent experience working on the sale of an FDIC owned, thirty-six acre undeveloped land tract to Todd Thrasher of Brooks Chadwick Capital. Todd approached the deal in a very straightforward manner and complied in a timely fashion with the FDIC’s various deadlines and requirements. Brooks Chadwick Capital indicated that they were ready to close early in the inspection period and the closing of the transaction went smoothly. Todd and the Brooks Chadwick team were professional throughout the process. We hope to have the opportunity to work with Todd and Brooks Chadwick Capital on future deals.”

- Manager, Prescient, Inc.